Together as a Group, together to tackle global challenges



Fighting climate change is in our DNA.

Years before people were talking about this issue, our research and development laboratory had invested time and resources researching Bio and water-based solutions. We are now harnessing this valuable work and taking further action in order to:

  • Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

  • Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

  • Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems


Lower energy consumption. Reduction in number of operating hours for testing systems in Performance Lab (no longer operational during the night).
Lower energy consumption - greater employee health and safety. Installation of covers on production drums to improve the production environment and employee safety Use of adjustable ventilation in production areas.
Lower energy consumption. Introduction of production impellers with greater energy efficiency.
Increased use of renewable energy. Installation of new photovoltaic panels.
Lower water consumption. Installation of a treatment system for water from washing lines, instead of management as non-hazardous special waste.
Lower water consumption. Implementation of pulsed sensors for water meters to monitor consumption and any leaks.
Reduced environmental impact. Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles.

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