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It's our creative and technological hub. A space where clients and designers can experience innovation, latest trends and interior design solutions by ICA Group.


Get inspired!

We place technology, knowledge and research at your disposal.

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Technology and Performance

In the Tech area you will be able to assess personally the performance of our coatings, thanks to the most advanced coating systems. Specialized technicians will show you how to achieve the best results on your products.

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Enter the world of color

Creativity, trends, interior design solutions. The Discovery area is a space where you can touch materials, shapes and effects applied to products.

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We provide you with all the needed information to easily get the same colors and effects of our samples.

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application book

The best way to stay up-to-date on the world of ICA Group and to find out about its new effects. Videos, images and catalogs will allow you to get up-close and personal with the latest color trends and the most innovative finishes for both exteriors and interiors.

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