We firmly believe in the qualities and abilities of our people.
Which is why we invest time and resources in order to empower our team.
We want every single one of them to express their talents, passion and diversity.


Career 1
Innovative, sustainable and passionate

Every day, we imagine new ways to bring innovation and sustainability to the world of coatings and colors. Members of our Group know that we make brave decisions, striving to transform the world we live and work in.

Each person contributes through their passion and expertise to overcome the challenges as we move ever closer to our goal.

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What can we do together?

Grow with respect for the environment

If you join ICA Group, you will be part of an organization that places sustainability at the heart of every decision it makes.

Forever pioneers

Innovating the ways coatings are designed and created and the world around us.

Building relationships

Going beyond working relationships and creating human connections has always made us different. More than just a company, we are a family.

Nurturing your expertise

Our Academy provides you with training content to further your career.
We have a mission: to aim for the best in terms of product and service quality, while reducing the environmental impact of coatings and processes. These goals will be achieved thanks to a highly motivated team that welcomes any challenge. Employees whose personnel development is nurtured by supporting individual aspirations and offering specific training paths. A young, tight-knit and highly cohesive team that we also introduce on our LinkedIn page.
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Career 2
Many voices, one vision

We think that the best way to explain what it means to work for ICA Group is through the eyes and the words of our team.

This is why we are always excited to involve them in interviews, activities and even Instagram takeovers!


One company,

two perspectives.
Career 3
Unity, well-being and a positive attitude

We believe that time and space are not only important values for the people who work with us but also closely bound up with our business growth.
This is why it was so vital for us to implement our #lifeincolor philosophy and make it part of everyday life, with lifefood, lifegarden and lifemove: 3 services designed to increase team well-being.

This welfare project offers:

1) a dining hall with theme-based menus and dishes devised with everyone’s dietary requirements in mind

2) a green retreat for anyone who needs to charge their batteries and find inspiration in the course of the work day

3) provision of bicycles, electric cars, sports fields and a gym.

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Career 4

Our offline and online “school”: Professional Training body accredited by the Marche Region and e-learning platform.


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