Coatings for Musical Instruments

Over the years, the ICA Group has acquired very particular expertise in the field of musical instrument manufacturing. Some of the most illustrious piano, violin, guitar and loudspeaker makers prize the ICA Group as a strategic partner for their current manufacturing roster and for the development of new solutions or models.

The ICA Group’s products not only score when it comes to aesthetic criteria and achieving high-quality visual appeal, they also meet the most diverse performance requirements of musical instrument makers.

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The ICA Group’s long experience has allowed it to fine-tune coating cycles that achieve high chemical/physical resistance together with matchless aesthetic quality. Deep Black, for example, is a coating line developed by ICA Group R&D labs to guarantee the highest quality in coatings for musical instruments. These finishes produce a remarkably intense and brilliant deep black with a perfect reflection.

The color and aesthetic possibilities are endless. An impressively creative variety of special effects is available, ranging from the classics to the ultra-innovative Urban Matter.
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Here as well, the wide scope for product customization in this sector means that the ICA Group can offer a detailed prior analysis of the product application requirements. Our technical assistance network supports the customer in all stages of production, from early prototypes to actual industrial trials
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The ICA Group has developed a complete set of water-based coatings that can really help reduce environmental impacts and health risks. These products can be used instead of conventional solvent-based coatings, since they fully match their chemical/physical and aesthetic characteristics.

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