coatings for exterior frames and shutters

The range of coatings for wooden frames and shutters offers users the best solution in terms of durability. Everybody knows how difficult it is to achieve products for exteriors that successfully combine attractive aesthetic qualities and high performance. The products in the ICA Group range are designed to meet this specific objective.
The group's water-based coatings for exteriors contain pigments and UV filters that protect the wooden surface over time and prevent yellowing and the vitrification of the coating film.

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Long-lasting beauty

Thanks to innovative artificial weathering tests, which evaluate the performance of the product, today the ICA Group product range is characterized by the perfect combination of long-lasting beauty and high-level protection that it gives to frames and shutters.

ICA Group's coatings for exterior frames and shutters ensure a high level of permeability to vapor, which increases the durability of the coated object, as well as excellent elasticity of the film (which allows for the natural movement of the wood) and good protection against UV rays.

Tested and guaranteed products

The project entitled Arborea Sun – and subtitled "Quality by the light of the sun" – involves subjecting the exterior range to stringent in-house laboratory testing, not just during the experimental phase but also through subsequent product sampling from the individual batches, in order to check the manufacturing and qualitative consistency. ICA Group also commissions external evaluations, which are conducted by certified bodies in compliance with the strictest standards and which make it possible to classify these products.

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Solutions for all types of systems

The ICA Group range offers a multitude of application solutions, all specifically designed for each type of system: from the application of the impregnating agent by curtain-coating or spraying, all the way to the application of the base coat and top coat by spraying.

Cycles for every set of requirements

The wide range of impregnating agents, base coats and top coats can be applied over all types of wood species commonly used in the construction of frames and shutters. Certain products can be used for extremely rapid cycles, offering a high level of protection with just two coats.

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ICA Group's water-based products for exterior frames and shutters have been specifically designed to reduce environmental impact and the amount of solvents being emitted into the atmosphere. Thanks also to the synergies between ICA Group's coatings and those coating systems that have overspray recovery, product wastage is reduced to a minimum.

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