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The internal door is no longer considered a simple piece of wood to separate two spaces; rather, it is now an integral part of the home's interior design; sometimes it stands out for its minimalist characteristics, whereas other times it draws attention to itself. Manufacturers, for their part, work with products that are radically divergent: from brushable polyester coatings to lacquered water-based UV top coats (open-pore and closed-pore), all of which produce excellent results, making them part of the frame of reference for this sector. Moreover, the availability of models, wood species and finishes is infinite. As a result, ICA Group's products have been adapted to meet the widest possible array of requirements.

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Chemical/physical resistance and retention of dirt

During the development and formulation of new products, the technicians at the ICA Group R&D laboratory pay particular attention to the intended uses, and always attempt to combine as successfully as possible the aesthetic aspect with the chemical/physical performance levels. Specifically, in the production of doors, the coatings serves to “defend” the door from the wear-and-tear to which it is subject every day. For this reason, ICA Group's products for doors are evaluated by means of rigorous testing of their chemical resistance (stains, detergents, etc.).

Mechanical resistance

Mechanical resistance is an essential characteristic for coatings that must protect objects such as doors, which are subject to frequent stresses. For this reason, the ICA Group R&B laboratory conducts stringent tests to confirm the excellent surface hardness of its products.

Adhesion and stability

The sensitivity of the door to size variations, and the use of materials of various types, together make it necessary to use products that conform and adapt to the physiological movement of the surface without becoming detached or broken. ICA Group's products are, then, carefully evaluated in relation to these risks.

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Versatile products for all types of systems

The group's coating products, including those that are water-based, can be adapted to any available system, with a view to enabling door manufacturers to move to innovative technologies with low levels of emissions, without having to alter their own production lines.

Reduction of emissions on the line

Health and safety in the workplace is more important than ever, with a view to protecting the health of users, and this is why ICA Group develops products that reduce the risks deriving from contact with, and inhalation of, the coatings. Alongside its water-based products, ICA Groups also offers label-free and monomer-free UV products.

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ICA Group's water-based, water-based UV and high-solid UV coatings comply with the performance characteristics demanded by this sector: protection, surface hardness, resistance to staining, etc.

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