coatings for UV LED lamps

One of the most recent novelties from the ICA Group's R&D laboratories is a range of coatings for UV LED lamps.

Dryable with exclusive UV LED lamps, these innovative coatings were developed in response to the demands of the industrial furniture sector which requires both a high production yield on the one hand, and a reduction in energy costs on the other.

UV LED lamps are high power monochrome lamps which emit a spectrum with different wavelengths compared to traditional UV lamps. Some products in ICA Group's UV coatings range have been chosen for use with UV LED lamps in conjunction with traditional UV lamps and other types of UV lamps.

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UV LED coating features
100% acrylic UV coatings, both solvent and water-based, specifically formulated for polymerization with LED lamps only or in combination with standard UV and LED UP lamps.
The use of LED lamps is particularly recommended for curing products with a high pigment contents or for all processes in which it is essential to monitor the temperature of the support during the application stage, such as on resinous wood (pine) or plastic.

Iridea UV LED Curing

Curing coatings with UV LED lamps

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