Iridea UV Curing

The Iridea UV curing range is composed of various types of UV-curing coatings: acrylic, polyester, polyacrylic and water-based. The products in the range are able to comply with the most stringent application and instrumental tests, thanks also to the input of the leading manufacturers of coating systems.

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ICA Group has set aside an entire area of its R&D laboratory to the application of the products, which plays host the leading machines used for the coating of wood. The available systems make it possible not only to verify the behavior of the new formulations under various application conditions but also to simulate entire coating cycles in real-time and under real conditions. They also allow the client to evaluate fully the products being proposed.

Colors and effects

The pigmented products of the Iridea UV curing range make it possible to achieve a multiplicity of tones (from pastel shades to strong colors) and effects (sandblasted, matt, gloss and metallic), and they also provide great versatility and myriad opportunities for customization.

The ICA COLOR tintometric system was created specifically to offer clients the instruments, software and know-how necessary to produce any pigment – transparent or hiding – simply and independently.

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