Iridea UV LED Curing

The Iridea UV LED Curing range is comprised of coatings that cure under UV LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps. These represent a valid alternative to UV electric arc lamps for curing UV coatings. 

UV LED lamps offer numerous advantages over traditional UV lamps, but also some disadvantages.

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  • Lower power consumption
  • No heat is generated
  • No extraction is required
  • No ozone is produced
  • Longer life (approx. 20,000 hours)
  • Immediate switching on and off
  • Higher wattage emission (W/cm2)


  • Lower surface reactivity
  • Higher average cost of coatings.
  • Higher cost with respect to conventional UV lamps.
  • Reduced formula flexibility.

Liquid coolant is required for some lamp types. The use of LED lamps is particularly recommended for curing products with high pigment contents, and for all processes in which it is essential to monitor the temperature of the support during the application stage e.g. resinous wood (pine) and plastic.

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LED UP lamps

As a result of the collaboration with Elmag–Superfici (SCM Group), the Iridea UV LED Curing range has been integrated with specific coatings for an innovative curing system alternative to traditional UV lamps. This system, known as LED UP, combines the advantages of LED lamps with those of mercury-vapor lamps.

LED UP lamps combine different monochrome sources of UV radiation having different wavelengths, so as to achieve a broad multicolored emission spectrum. This allows for overcoming some of the disadvantages associated with LED lamps while maintaining the positive aspects.


  • Cold process.
  • No ozone generation.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Greater formulation freedom.
  • Wide range of implementable products: glossy, intense opaque, transparent, pigmented.
  • Coating products with a cost comparable to that of traditional UV coatings.
  • Lower yellowing compared to UV products thanks to the greater efficiency of LED curing and improved activation efficiency of photoinitiators.

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