We live in a world of nuances, textural detail and colors, which is a continual source of inspiration and wonder for us.

With SAVANNAH, we give space to our love of nature, promoting growth of ICA’s chromatic garden of interior finishes. Here, the senses engage with various visual and tactile perceptions.

The transparency, sheen or color intensity of our coatings can transform the surface of an object, altering how it is perceived for complete immersion in the design.

Along with MAREA, SAVANNAH is one of the moodboards of the BALANCE collection. It is a palette inspired by the natural environment of the Savannah, but also encapsulating the finishes, textures and details of this landscape.

The interplay of different shapes can be used to express different concepts, each associated with nuances and special effects that establish strength and harmony.

Expressive, intense compositions charged with movement, to create contexts and variations with nature at the forefront.

Micro and macro details, where spaces evolve and change through the use of finishes and colors.

The world of Savannah perfectly reflects next year’s trends and this is why our color experts have completed the moodboard with three lacquered colors from the NCS Interior Colour Trends 2024 collection.















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