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Located in the heart of the Lessini Mountains, at an altitude of 1,100 meters, Scandola is a woodworking company which works wood according to traditional techniques.

Founded and led by Carlo Scandola, with 60 employees and a supply network that covers the national territory and some European countries, it stands out because all its furniture is made using only solid spruce wood. The logs are sourced from two selected area, around Salzburg and in Scandinavia, and arrive whole. Then they are dried, sanded and worked with a mix of craftsmanship, technology and great attention to environmental sustainability.

All Scandola’s furniture parts and products are made in the company’s factory in Bosco Chiesanuova, in Lessinia, which is why they fully represent all-Italian expertise. None of the woodwork or parts are out-sourced, ensuring more accurate quality control, better attention to detail and consistency in terms of shades and finishes. By producing all its furniture in-house, Scandola can satisfy even the most demanding of its customers, with lots of made-to-measure pieces which, paired with the care typical of handmade products, result in an almost bespoke service.

Woodwork is performed following the rules of excellence in accordance with the production standards set by Italian artisans. The firm takes care of every single detail, relying on highly-qualified personnel to select raw materials and ensure the quality of its production process, and making exemplary furniture in terms of quality and design. It designs furniture that harmoniously blends beauty and functionality and that is made to last. It offers unique services in terms of flexibility, material search, fine craftsmanship and details that customize each item.

In recent years it has paid special attention to design, developing new products and original collections, customized according to tradition but open to modern furnishing concepts. The Maestrale collection for kitchens and bedrooms is the latest milestone reached.

Another important feature besides wood is water. All available finishes are made using water-based, non-toxic coatings, that comply with children's toys and indoor emissions requirements. ICA is a reliable partner

Scandola has been collaborating with ICA since 2006. The firm was looking for a safe, resistant, natural and eco-friendly product for wood and found all these characteristics in ICA coatings. Together they developed a range of finishes that make Scandola furniture stand out on the market.

Recently it made an even more sustainable choice with ICA's BIO products. Thanks to these innovative coatings from renewable resources, Scandola is proud to offer more and more natural wooden furniture, which is environmentally friendly from its production process to its everyday use. In this way its products are 100% natural and free from any harmful emissions.

Due to the constant development of new design products by ICA, Scandola will soon be able to use a rural-inspired color line calledAntiche Armonie, also available with a modern mortar cement effect. The result will be trendy furnishing elements that emanate the warmth and the special smell of wood, giving customers the pleasure of being in touch with the vitality of nature in a contemporary space and improving the quality of domestic life.

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