NCS 2022: ZERO

As usual, NCS Colour have assigned a team of color and design experts to forecast interior trends for the coming year. This analysis of color trends looks at how the use of color changes over time and the factors that influence these preferences, and therefore each trend represents the period we are living in, also documenting psychological aspects.

The four 2020 color trends are: Zience, One, Spring Rebels and Zero.

Zero represents the start of a new and better world. This is the desire to reset our minds and restart from scratch with a more informed and positive vision for the planet. A neutral beginning, with the first steps taken towards color. The key words for this palette are: contrast, purity and reliability.

The tones in this group of colors are aimed at an environment that creates contrasts with the presence of black, white and/or gray, with blue accents.

Daylight will strengthen the colors for light and relaxing interiors.

A word from the NCS Colour expert: “These colours are for those who want to stand in the front line. It is never about using white, grey or black only, it is about contrasting two or more of the colours. The main colour can either be the neutrals or the blues. Contrast is key.”

The colors in this trend are available in the range of ICA Group coatings for the design of surfaces and materials. They are also included in the ICA Color tintometric system.

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