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Liberi tutti! Children's furniture made with organic coatings

This is the story of Cristina and her children's furniture company Liberi Tutti!, inspired by Montessori philosophy. Learn more with us!

My name is Cristina. I am an interior designer and mum of two twin baby girls and I fell in love with Montessori education when, as I was looking for an alternative to traditional teaching method, I approached the works of Maria Montessori.

Here you will find out about Cristina's business. She's a dynamic woman who has managed to turn her passion into a children's furniture company, which has chosen our organic water-based coatings.


Free to do it by themselves

Cristina's company is called Liberi tutti! (“Everyone's free”) and since 2018 has been dedicated to the production of Montessori inspired handmade furniture. Cristina's pieces of furniture are child-friendly and are designed to create a space where the little ones feel free to explore, learn and become independent. To understand the value of this project, it is necessary to mention Maria Montessori's philosophy, which inspired Cristina and her company. Everything started from here.

"When we speak of the freedom of a small child, we do not mean to countenance the external disorderly actions which children left to themselves engage in as a relief from their aimless activity, but we understand by this the freeing of his life from the obstacles which can impede normal development."

The Liberi Tutti! furniture embraces this idea: every item is designed to promote the child freedom and independence. The little one can be master of his own space because all the bedroom furniture is free from obstacles and he can carry out those small but important daily actions that make him grow.

To clarify this, here are two very practical examples: a child who has a bed with guard rails in his bedroom cannot go to sleep alone, but completely depends on his parents. If we replace it with the GNOMO low bed, the child can be independent and get in and out of his bed by himself in a totally safe way, without feeling relegated to an enclosed space.

The same applies to storage units: the GENIETTO shelving system is perfect height for children allowing them to take what they want on their own, without the help of an adult.

Let's now talk about the materials chosen by Liberi Tutti!, because this is where our organic water-based coatings come into play.


Free from harmful substances

The furniture pieces designed by Cristina are made by trusted carpenters with certified quality materials. All items are made in birch plywood, a very resistant and beautiful material characterized by a bright and cheerful honey color.

For the topcoat, Cristina chose our range of ICA organic water-based coatings, which are rated A+ based on indoor emissions testing, and therefore "free" from harmful substances. They are made with non-toxic and eco-friendly renewable raw materials that derive from vegetable substances, are very resistant to stains and do not emit unpleasant odors that could disturb children. Besides, our Performance Lab tested a sample of Liberi Tutti! furniture checking compliance with the limits for indoor emissions provided by ISO 16000-9:2006.

Liberi Tutti! took care of every detail to enable children to live their spaces independently and in total safety. In a few words: completely free!

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