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Lago Interior Life

The alphabet to decorate the spaces you live in every day.

After starting out as a small craft business, LAGO developed its own precise identity, becoming an innovative brand on the Italian design scene. Headed by Daniele Lago, strongly oriented towards design,
since 2006, the company has become one of the most interesting discoveries of recent years.

The far-reaching vision of design as a discipline which produces meaning, not just products, and is able to innovate the entire production chain has enabled LAGO to establish a reputation as a pioneering company who offers new visions and models for home living. Rather than products, the company designs alphabets and calls on the end user to use them, creating participative, bottom-up design, enriched by the energy coming from the end user.

LAGO sets out to make design an instrument of social transformation, to create settings which enter into resonance with those living there. The concrete proof of this intention is the creation of a network of places and people, the LAGO DESIGN NETWORK, in which LAGO design improves the experience of places such as shops, homes, offices, museums, restaurants and hotels, generating new business opportunities and relationships. All these places are connected by the powerful digital motor of the company which counts on a million Facebook fans.

LAGO uses ICA water-based coatings to lacquer the surface of its products, avoiding the emission of volatile organic substances that are harmful to the environment.

The company focuses on a very important issue for the future of the planet - environmental awareness. That's why it chose ICA. ICA products combine innovation, high quality and low environmental impact.

LAGO cares about the planet in which we live and for the first time opted for a more environmentally conscious design. To do so, it used the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which is a measurement tool to assess the environmental impact of a product/service throughout its life cycle, from the choice of raw materials to its disposal.

Thanks to the variety and extreme customization of ICA colors, LAGO lacquer finishes palette has managed to keep up with the latest trends through the years, making it easy to customize its iconic products including the N.O.W. wardrobe, the Air table and the Air bookshelf.

The surprise hit of color lights up the individual sides of the modules and gives more depth to the compositions,
breaking up and energizing the rhythm of the traditional shapes. Volumes take on a new expressive force and opens the way for playing chromatically with depth and recesses. Besides, the joint and the meticulous 45° finishing of the edges emphasize the various lacquered finishes thanks to a marked quality in the details.

ICA colors brighten up wood and glass surfaces by LAGO and create endless solutions for every style and dream, adapting to any context, customizing all the spaces of the house, and creating perfect combinations between each element.

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