Iridea Color

The IRIDEA COLOR tintometric system uses an innovative series of dyes called INK and takes into account the current color trends in order to achieve a trendy visual result and a great chromatic impact. ICA Group invests heavily in the development of new colors to meet more and more the needs of professionals, designers and architects, who must be able to provide innovative, high-performance solutions.

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Learn how to create all the shades

INK concentrated dyes for wood

Iridea Color 1
INK dyes

INK concentrated dyes are solvent-based and general-purpose. Starting from 10 primary colors, they allow you to get 150 ready-to-use dyes and many other intermediate shades including pastel shades (mixed with white). They can all be diluted with both solvent and water, with the exception of the dyes mixed with white (which contain white primary color INKBP), which can only be diluted with solvent.

iridea ink 1

System benefits

  • Simple formulation.
  • Consistent replicability.
  • Save money:
    • lower purchase costs compared to pre-diluted (ready-for-use) dyes;
    • avoid stain wastage;
    • eliminate unsold stock;
  • reduce packaging and disposal costs.
  • Reduce timescales and become autonomous: no need to wait for the stain to be delivered, because it can be produced at your choice at any time.
  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of the formulation of dyes.

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