Colors of 2021. Seeds, an NCS color trend

As it does every year, NCS has selected a palette of 24 colors that will influence styles and moods this year (and beyond). A team of experts in color and materials has presented their selection, grouped into 4 trends: Virtual Relativity, Bio-Depth, Seeds and Honesty.

Seeds is an exciting color mood where tradition and folklore are interpreted to create a new way of being. This trend reflects the search for a greater connection to our roots and a desire to belong, a clear consequence of globalization. Seeds also reflects the desire to show our heritage to others with pride, and invite them into our world.
This is why Seeds is ideal to be on trend and bold, playing with natural yet strong colors, centered around yellows, which represent folklore, origins and pride. 

The colors in this palette are available in the range of ICA Group coatings for the design of surfaces and materials. They are also included in the ICA Color tintometric system.

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