Arborea Natural Matter

The Arborea Natural Matter water-based exterior wood stains have been specifically formulated for application to items located outdoors (frames, shutters, gazebos, etc.) and indoors (roof boards, matchboarding, etc.). They are available in two different impregnating bases to offer optimum performance on Pine, Fir and Accoya (IM538C) as well as on Oak (IM117C).

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Trendy shades
In response to the latest trends in the world of interior design, ICA Group has created 6 new colors of water-based exterior wood stains for “material-like” frames and shutters, referred to as the Arborea Natural Matter range. These new shades make it possible to coat wood frames and shutters in tones that are more aligned with the nuances of the interior design scheme, while also delivering high levels of exterior protection. These coatings are also suitable for use in combination with the lacquered top coats for exteriors and the metallic top coats of the Arborea Metal range, thereby opening up the possibility for 2-sided, 2-tone frames and shutters.

Protective action

They contain pigments derived from organic pastes and iron oxides that, in addition to generating an attractive aesthetic effect, help to protect the wood thanks to their filtration of the sun's UV rays. They have a strong penetrating action.
arborea natural matter 1

Natural-effect water-based stains for exteriors

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