Arborea Metal

The new Arborea Metal range is composed of water-based exterior wood stains and top coats with metallic effects, which are able to deliver a high level of protection thanks to the presence of metallic pigments that preserve the wood against the degradation that results from exposure to UV rays.

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Arborea Metal 1
Metal-effect exterior wood stains
They are particularly recommended for the coating of rustic matchboarding located outdoors. The coatings make it possible to achieve a weathered effect, which is the ideal solution for modern buildings with wooden facades, but is also perfect for all external structures where an innovative aesthetic impact is required. The ease with which they can be applied and refreshed further widens their potential for use on external or internal wooden structures and facings.

Metal-effect top coats

These top coats have been designed for the coating of wooden matchboarding, frames and shutters located outdoors. This range of finishes fulfills the requirement for innovation in the coloring of frames and shutters, so that these wooden components can keep pace with the latest developments in the embellishment of interior furnishings. The Arborea Metal top coats are applied as the final coat of the coating cycle.
arborea metal 1
Arborea Metal 2
Protective action
They contain metal pigments that provide better protection against ultra-violet rays.

Water-based exterior wood stains with metallic effects

Water-based top coats with metallic effects for exteriors

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