February 3, 2021 - News

Greenguard and Environmental Claim Validation

New international certifications and validations for products that reduce environmental impacts and improve the quality of indoor living.

Coatings and environmental sustainability may appear to be incompatible. In reality, here at ICA we have made sustainable development a core value, guaranteeing our customers quality, safety, health and environmental protection. Our Iridea Bio water-based coatings are formulated with renewable waste materials that cannot be transformed into food for humans. In addition, production phases are compliant with the most up-to-date green policies adopted worldwide thanks to their reduced environmental impacts. These reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and CO2, which cause the greenhouse effect. They also count towards achievement of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits.

These coatings for interior furnishings have been awarded the Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) by UL, a world leader in product certification. This is a rigorous, independent validation that confirms the ICA Group's commitment both in terms of innovation, as the products have truly extraordinary chemical/physical properties, and safeguarding of the environment.

In addition to this validation, we have also achieved GREENGUARD certification, also awarded by UL, for other products that have undergone numerous scientific tests on chemical emissions. These are our Iridea Polyurethane and Iridea Water-Based ranges of coatings for furnishings that contribute to reducing indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure through reduced VOC emissions. This offers a tangible benefit for the creation of healthier environments. The GREENGUARD environmental certification from UL is assigned exclusively to products that meet strict emissions requirements and that are distinguished by their contribution to higher-quality indoor environments.

We are sharing this virtuous approach with other Italian industrial enterprises. In fact, these innovative solutions help customers to make their products more sustainable (furniture, doors, kitchens, etc.), prompting some of them to launch the same certification processes.

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