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We look forward to seeing you at FUORISALONE 2024 from April 16th to 19th, in via Sciesa 3 in Milan.

During the Milano Design Week, in collaboration with One Works, we will stage “DO YOU FEEL RGB?”. An installation that unveils the wonder of color, thanks to our BIO coatings, where each hue leads to transformation and illusion. Where colors merge into a singular perception, blending intellect and instinct. Immerse yourself in a chromatic journey and measure your personal response to this engaging experience.

In this physical immersion in the world of R.ed, G.reen & B.lue, color will convey its physical properties by stimulating the senses and perception of visitors, who will walk through three perfectly identical monochromatic rooms differing only for their color. Visitors will be treated to an all-encompassing color experience where they’ll be able to gage the emotions aroused by the various colors. The installation will be completed with the collaboration of Saviola for the wood eco-friendly panels, Plinio il Giovane for the furnishings, Medit for the fabrics and Zumtobel for the lighting system.


Color sensations and perceptions in the photography exhibition by Tom Vack

The One Works headquarters will also stage “DOUBLE VISIONS”, the exhibition by American photographer and artist Tom Vack. The nine works on display reflect the artist’s visual perception of memories, obtained through the refined superimposition of a series of places, people and objects. The collection aims to stimulate the observer’s visual perception through a superimposition of signs, textures and colors.

16 - 19 April
10 am – 6 pm
Via Sciesa, 3 - Milan (One Works Headquarters)

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