September 20, 2021 - News

A new addition to the ICA Group BoD

Manager Eleonora Rizzuto, an expert in sustainability, joins the ICA Group BoD as an independent board member.

Eleonora Rizzuto is the Italian sustainability manager for the LVMH Group, a global leader in the luxury-goods sector, founder of AISEC, the Italian Association for Development of a Circular Economy, and one of the top Italian experts in sustainability.

“I am particularly proud of this appointment as independent board member of the ICA Group, especially in this phase of great awareness of the different aspects of sustainability on the part of many manufacturing companies in our country” explains Eleonora Rizzuto. “A concrete focus on sustainability make the ICA Group a pioneer in their industry, in terms of both products and processes, having started in this direction some years ago. In this regard, I am very proud to have been chosen and the commitment is to continue to strengthen this strategy with ever greater targets for innovation and sustainability”.

Following the appointment, just a few months ago, of architect Giulio De Carli, we have now selected a professional from several Italian managers who are experts in sustainability.

Sustainability is in ICA Group’s DNA, and has always been a goal in development of products (from water-based products to the development of BIO coatings) and actions involving personnel such as sustainable mobility, a canteen with a short supply chain, elimination of single-use plastics and a series of projects aimed at environmental protection, including creation of a bug hotel, and a true sustainability area.

“Addition to the BoD of a professional figure highly specialized in the sphere of sustainability confirms our commitment to reach increasingly ambitious goals in terms of environmental protection and much more” comments Sandro Paniccia, ICA Chairman.

Eleonora Rizzuto is Director of Sustainable Development and Ethics & Compliance officer at Bulgari SPA, a leader in the jewelry segment and for four years she has also held the role of director of sustainable development for the LVMH group in Italy, focused on environment, ethics and compliance. She is on the working group for implementation of the sustainable development goals (Agenda 2030) for ASviS, the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, and has been appointed as Italian representative in the European Circular Economy working group, promoted by the OCCE, founded by the French INEC, Institut Nationale de l’économie circulaire. In 2017, she founded the Circular Economy Alliance together with a pool of companies, leaders in various Made-in-Italy sectors, with the goal of promoting and disseminating a new type of relationship between manufacturer and consumer, a genuine shift to drive integration between social, environmental and economic policies, centered around the product life cycle and recovery and reuse of raw materials. She is a member of various commissions for the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

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