August 6, 2021 - News

A Bugs Hotel in the name of sustainability

We have created a cozy shelter not only to accommodate the little friends that protect our ecosystem, but also to educate the upcoming generations.

There are over 20 thousand species of bees worldwide but their welfare is jeopardized by human activities (the use of pesticides) and climate change. Yet these tiny all-important pollinating creatures play a vital role in the balance of an eco-system which is imperative for human health and well-being.

The purpose of the initiative is to provide the general public with a “sustainability space” which will raise awareness primarily in children and teenagers, but it is also a valuable way to protect local resources and give Mother Nature a helping hand to do what she does best.

Located along the cycle path of the Castellaro park in Civitanova Marche, the Bugs Hotel was set up with the excellent scientific advice of Hort, a former spin-off of the Department of Agriculture at the Politecnica delle Marche University, and includes three educational boards containing fascinating facts about the little lodgers of this fun hotel but also insights into local wildlife. Then, there are five cute outlines of insects made from colored wood coated with the Arborea BIO range (coatings for exteriors made from materials from renewable sources) that add a touch of whimsy and visual interest to the setting in a joyful celebration of biodiversity.

An absolute first in our local area, this original project aims to reach out to schoolchildren, especially the primary-school segment, but basically, this is a universal theme that is of interest to all age ranges. We will be holding twenty classroom lessons lasting two hours per session and a qualified agronomist will lead kids through an exciting journey of discovery into the little world of bees, butterflies, and other small “heroes” who preserve the world we know and love.


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