January 14, 2015 - News


Local artist Giulio Vesprini paints a large-scale mural in the ICA company canteen.

From the outset, ICA has used various initiatives to communicate its conviction that culture and art should be considered integral parts of a company's activities.
Over recent years, ICA has played a leading role in the fields of culture and art. Examples of the company's involvement include its ongoing support for the “Civitanova Classica” classical music festival, of which it is the main sponsor, as well as the competition entitled “ICA Gets Arty”, which was launched in 2008 and saw the walls of the corporate headquarters in Civitanova Marche being embellished by the work of selected local artists, who were also awarded prizes, and the very recent funding of the restoration of an important painting of the Maratta studio, sited in the Capuchin Church in Civitanova Alta.
ICA is now continuing along this path by opening its doors to street art.
Giulio Vesprini is a Civitanova Marche-based artist and graphic designer who was also responsible for the project entitled “I see in color”, which dealt with the urban regeneration of the city's port area. Over the Christmas break, he was given carte blanche to paint a mural on a large white wall, measuring 17 meters in width by 5 meters in height, in the company canteen.
The artist drew his inspiration both from ICA's corporate colors and from the profound passion of the (company-owning) Paniccia family for the sea and sailing to produce an artwork with tremendous visual impact: an immense circle that allows for a great deal of personal interpretation and that fits in perfectly with the style of the surrounding environment – pared down, with an emphasis on materials, but also light-filled and welcoming. He defines his minimalist works as graphical structures that provide support, thereby encouraging the eye of the viewer to engage with the wall space, which is no longer anonymous and sterile but alive with a rhythm of pauses and tensions.

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