coatings for wooden houses and facings

Wood, which until just a few years ago was predominantly used for the construction of roofs, has now come into its own as a key structural material and, thanks to the new technologies developed by wood research institutes, is also being used for floorboards and walls, thereby constituting the entire supporting structure of the house.

A further boost to the rediscovery of this natural material for the construction of houses has been provided by the fact that not only is it earthquake-proof but also highly energy-efficient.

ICA Group's range of coatings for exteriors, and in particular for houses and facings made of wood, includes a wide range of colors and effects: colored transparent (mordanted), lacquered, bleached and metallic.

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The range includes specific products for this type of structure, offering high levels of resistance, elasticity and protection.

In addition, the ICA Group products make it easy to refresh the appearance of objects that are exposed to aggressive atmospheric agents and rapid temperature shifts.

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ICA Group's coatings for wooden houses and facings can be applied by brush, spray or using automatic coating systems.

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The range of water-based products meets the requirements of sustainable architecture thanks to the reduced amount of solvents emitted into the atmosphere by the coatings.

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