Water-based coatings for exteriors


The use of water-based coatings for exteriors is now well-established thanks to the numerous advantages they offer: reduction of solvent emissions into the atmosphere, short processing times, excellent elasticity and resistance of the coating film to temperature shifts and atmospheric agents, ease of overcoating, and no risk of spontaneous combustion of the overspray dust.
In relation to the formulation of coating products, clients are now demanding the best possible performance that can be achieved through technology in terms of long-term durability, regardless of the cost of the raw materials. This challenge provided the launch pad for the scientific approach taken by ICA Group's laboratories towards the development of water-based coatings for exteriors, aided by innovative simulation programs that enable the performance of the product to be tested by subjecting it to artificial weathering tests.
Over recent years, advances in nanotechnology have made it possible to increase yet further the chemical/physical performance level of the coating film. In particular, the challenge has been to achieve high levels of hardness and resistance to scratches, abrasion, shocks and aggressive external agents, without compromising transparency, which is a very important characteristic of coatings for wood.
Today the range of water-based coatings for exteriors is marked out by its perfect combination of long-lasting beauty and strong, durable protection for frames and shutters.
ICA Group's R&D laboratory has developed a new range of coatings for exterior frames and shutters made from PVC. These high-quality coating products ensure excellent levels of attractiveness, protection and adhesion.

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Transparent/colored impregnating agents
ICA Group's impregnating agents ensure excellent penetration of the wooden substrate, promoting adhesion of the coating cycles and increasing the lifespan of the manufactured object.
The extensive range of products developed over the years is such that it now covers any set of coating requirements. The group's impregnating agents for coniferous wood species are very uniforming both on solid-wood frames and on finger-joints, and they have high flow capacity.
Even wood species that are rich in extract do not pose a problem, since ICA Group's impregnating agents for broad-leaved wood species ensure the absence of stains on the coated object due to the excellent flow of the coating product.
The group has also developed a range of specific products for use on beams and matchboarding, all of which offer good coverage, the option for brush or spray application and a wide variety of shades.
ICA Group's water-based impregnating agents are available in a wide range of colors from the color chart, and sample colors can also be produced.
White impregnating agents
The white and pigmented cycles for exteriors start with the selection of the most appropriate impregnating agent for the cycle in question. ICA Group's range of impregnating agents offers a wide range of products to match the type of wood being used and the type of final effect to be achieved.
These impregnating agents all offer good coverage and are easy to overcoat.
Alongside the aforementioned advantages, it is possible to select the products that most effectively meet the particular requirements of the cycle used, such as, for example, easier sandability, specific blocking and sealant properties or higher solid content.
Pastel impregnating agents
ICA Group's pastel impregnating agents, too, also offer the possibility to select the color of the manufactured object from the color-chart shades; alternatively, custom sample colors can be produced.
In addition, it is possible to alter the degree of coverage of the final color by adding to the transparent top coat a small percentage of pastel impregnating agent. 
Intermediates and base coats
Intermediates and base coats are very important for the success of a coating cycle, and so ICA Group offers an extensive range of products that differ in terms of their application level, degree of coverage, sealant power and sandability.
ICA Group's intermediates are similar to the impregnating agents but have a higher solid content, offer greater coverage and are easier to sand. Other special features include their simplicity of application and their short drying times.
The ICA Group range of base coats is diverse and includes solutions to meet any set of requirements, such as, for example, the sealing of wood species containing extractive substances, easier sandability, reduced removal of the wood fiber, higher coverage, etc.
Top coats
To complete a coating cycle and achieve a perfect result, it is important to select the most appropriate top coat.
ICA Group offers a wide range of water-based top coats for exteriors, featuring high solid content, excellent coverage and very high resistance to blocking.
These top coats also afford good resistance to water and good permeability to water vapor, thereby increasing the durability of the coated object.
The range also includes transparent nanotechnological top coats, which can be overcoated on all of the base coats and impregnating agents. They offer high wettability of the substrate, excellent pore definition in broad-leaved wood species and good resistance to blocking. Their specific formulation results in excellent transparency, a high level of resistance to water and stable opacity over time.

Ranges available for this product


Arborea Color Classic

Colored transparent water-based impregnating agents specifically formulated for application to wooden frames and shutters located outdoors.
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Arborea Natural Matter

Water-based impregnating agents have been specifically formulated for application to items located outdoors (frames, shutters, gazebos, etc.) and indoors (roof boards, matchboarding, etc.).
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Arborea Color Timber

Colored transparent water-based impregnating agents specifically formulated for application to wooden objects located outdoors or indoors.
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Arborea Pastel

Semi-transparent water-based impregnating agents specifically formulated for application to wooden objects located outdoors or indoors.
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Arborea Metal

Water-based impregnating agents and top coats with metallic effects, specifically formulated for rustic wooden matchboarding, frames and shutters located outdoors.
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Arborea Nanotech

Water-based nanotechnological top coats that enhance the chemical/physical performance of the coating film.
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