Polyester coatings


ICA offers a complete range of transparent and pigmented polyester products.
Particularly suitable for closed-pore top coats, they make it possible to achieve a coating film with excellent chemical/physical resistance.
ICA Group offers an extensive range of transparent and pigmented, matt and gloss polyester coatings. 
  • Ease of use
  • Spray, roller, curtain-coater or electrostatic application
  • High solid content (65-90%)
  • High level of chemical/physical resistance
  • Excellent brilliance
  • Good sandability
  • Rapid-drying
  • Reduced yellowing
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • NMP-free
Base coats
The function of polyester base coats is to adhere adequately to the wood, creating a smooth and regular surface that is then suitable for the application of the top coat.
The main characteristics of ICA Group's polyester base coats are high solid content and ease of sanding.
Top coat
Polyester top coats are used as the final coat in a coating cycle.
The specific features of the ICA Group range of polyester top coats are high levels of chemical/physical resistance and solid content, and, in the case of paraffinated polyester coatings, also excellent brilliance.

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Iridea Polyester

Polyester coatings
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October 18, 2013

High-solid polyester base coat

PF312 is a new transparent polyester base coat with low levels of environmental impact. It is solvent-free and does not require hazard labeling . It is also available in a thi...

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