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March 15, 2016

Snaidero eco-compatible technology

For 70 years Snaidero, based in Majano, in the province of Udine, has been manufacturing kitchens by applying its own tradition and experience to technological research and innovation.

From the initial idea of producing kitchens using the concepts of American-inspired mass-production, the company has shifted towards the current idea of the “smart kitchen”. The term “smart” has various conceptual nuances: elegance and attractiveness, creative and reactive intelligence – in short, the capability to come up with solutions that are highly flexible, competitively priced and of excellent quality; features that very much embody what the “Made in Italy” mark is all about. The philosophy that underpins the company’s manufacturing decisions remains the centrality of human beings, both as purchasers and as workers.

This focus led Snaidero 10 years ago to install a system for the application of water-based paints and varnishes and to use, for the majority of its products, coatings with low levels of environmental impact – high solid content UV, for example – and water-based UV top coats. Its technological partner in this decision was ICA, which thanks to its considerable expertise in terms of water-based coatings has been working closely with the Friuli-based company for three years now.

For Snaidero, coatings have always constituted a form of added value for its own output, to such an extent that all of the coating operations are centralized in Majano. As the company’s COO, Giuliano Veronelli, states: “Rather than just being committed to the environment and to the health of workers and the local area. For us it is also essential to be able to offer the market a finish with high aesthetic value, in a wide range of shades. Accordingly, in our catalogue we have more than thirty finishes. For this reason, we asked our supplier to give us a microstructured top coat which, as well as having remarkable resistance to scratches, cleaning products and the most “difficult” food products such as coffee, is also very pleasant to the touch. These days it is exceptionally important that the kitchen has attractive, enjoyable and innovative aesthetic characteristics.

“The kitchen is becoming more and more a part of the living area of the home; today, for example, many open storage units are used alongside closed units. In our recent kitchen designs, we have decided to use ICA’s microstructured top coat which we call “pewter”, on the open elements with aluminum structures. The result is an uneven, slightly vintage metallic finish, which imbues the kitchen composition with more character.”
Giuliano Veronelli, Chief Operating Officer di Snaidero
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