March 24, 2015 - Products special


Our colors, your ability

The wealth of experience accumulated by ICA Group's Research & Development laboratories in the formulation of water-based coating products has led to the creation of the Glass Paint Collection, a specific range for the painting of both flat glass and hollow glass.
ICA Group's glass range is composed of transparent, colored, lacquered and metallic mono- and bicomponent water-based paints, which make it possible to achieve highly impressive aesthetic results, with an unparalleled array of effects and colors and excellent chemical/physical resistance and adhesion.
The innovations include the line of thermosetting water-based paints (which can be dried in an oven at temperatures of between 140 and 180°C) designed for application to glass (flat or hollow). Of particular note among the coatings in this line, thanks to their strong visual impact, are the fluorescent and photoluminescent paints – both normal and activated by black light (Wood's lamp).
Of great importance, too, is the line of pigmented thermosetting water-based UV coatings, which enable the environmental impact to be minimized while maintaining high levels of productivity.
In addition, the ICA Group laboratories have developed a brand-new selection of colors and effects named the Glass Paint Collection, composed of transparent and hiding water-based products that have been designed to offer inspiration to glassmakers and furniture manufacturers that use glass as a decorative element.
The special effects available in the Glass Paint Collection include two-tone lacquered, sublimated, iridescent metallic (e.g. iris effect), ice, mirror, steel and Liquid Metal.


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