Period furniture

Period furniture

The ICA Group R&D laboratory is engaged on a daily basis on the creation of stains, patinas, antique effects and special-effect coatings, in order to be able to offer its clients new solutions to reflect the process of continual evolution that also encompasses period furniture. The team of technicians works in partnership with the leading furniture manufacturers to define cycles, effects and products for use on period furniture.
Performance and aesthetic advantages

Depth and transparency
All of the ICA Group products designed for this sector have been conceived with transparency very much in mind. The use of dark stains, which are typical of Bassano-style furniture, makes it necessary to use specific products that are able to bring out the fiber and color of the wood, giving the coated piece of furniture a high level of brilliance and depth. This aspect is particularly important in relation to the move towards water-based products: innovating does not have to involve compromising on the characteristics dictated by centuries of tradition.
Ensuring that the coating cycle has the right adhesion is a very important aspect. Often, the composition of the coating cycles for period furniture necessitates the application of multiple coats of different products, and this could adversely affect adhesion and the final result. ICA Group always takes great care over the testing of its own coating cycles in this regard.
Resistance to yellowing
Colored pieces of furniture require the development of monocomponent water-based and solvent-based coatings that can guarantee reduced levels of toning down (change) of the color in light or dark environments. In ICA Group's R&D laboratory, transparent and lacquered monocomponent products have been created that combine marked ease of use with excellent stability and resistance to yellowing.


Ease of use
Artistic, Bassano-style furniture is traditionally a crafted product, and so ICA Group aims for simplicity, offering monocomponent and ready-to-use products. All of these products make it possible to achieve a high level of recovery, thereby reducing waste and disposal costs.
New solutions for existing application systems
ICA Group's products, even the most innovative among them, can adapt perfectly to existing application systems, and so they do not require new investments in specific systems.

Products with low levels of environmental impact

The range of monocomponent and bicomponent water-based coatings reduces solvent emissions into the atmosphere while ensuring optimum performance levels in terms of transparency and resistance to yellowing.

The best ranges for this sector


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