ICA COLOR tintometric system

ICA COLOR is an integrated system for the formulation and preparation of pigmented coatings for wood and glass, based on the addition of concentrated coloring products (pastes) to the product that is to be pigmented (base). This enables the creation of any type of pigmented coating (polyurethane, nitro-cellulose, acrylic, water-based, etc.) selected from the 160 shades of the ICA color chart, the 195 of the RAL color chart and the 1950 of the NCS color chart.
The bases
The system uses just two bases (white and transparent), both of which are subject to strict quality controls. The use of specific wetting agents and dispersion agents makes the pastes perfectly compatible both with water-based coatings and solvent-based coatings, enhancing the performance in terms of distension, cleanness and pot-life.
The pastes of the ICA COLOR tintometric system, all of which are produced in-house, make it possible to come up with an almost infinite array of colors, thanks to the intelligent selection of the 24 latest-generation pigments that cover the entire color array.
The pastes produced by ICA Group are concentrated dispersions of pigment in resins, stabilized through the addition of appropriate additives and solvents. They contain no aromatic solvents, lead, or other heavy metals (aromatic-free and lead-free). The use of concentrated pastes allows for a wide range of products to be colored with a single set of stains, and also enables high levels of coverage.
All ICA Group pastes are subject to strict quality controls in order to ensure compliance with a defined standard. The checks take account both of the chemical/physical characteristics (refinement, viscosity, specific weight) and of the color (Delta E and colorimetric rendering).
The pastes

The main functions
  • Management of formulas, components and production.
  • Management of customized formulas and components by the user.
  • Search by product code, description and color code.
  • Categorization of the formulas to facilitate searching.
  • On-screen reproduction of the color tones.
  • Printing of labels in various languages (option to choose a language regardless of the installation language), with the safety information and indications relating to VOCs, and the option to insert custom descriptions.
  • Management of prices and price lists (up to 5 different lists)
  • Section of colorimetry to allow searches for similar shades in the ICA, RAL and NCS color charts.
  • Interfaces with scales, dosers and spectrophotometers.
  • Installation and updating of the complete or partial data via the web.
  • Dispensers
  • Mechanical shakers
  • Shakers
  • Column mixers
  • Scales
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Colorimeters
The system equipment

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