Flat glass

Flat glass

Over the years, ICA Group has accumulated a great deal of experience in the coating of flat glass. This experience has given rise to an extensive range of products specifically designed for the water-based coating of plate glass.
Indeed, ICA Group is very much a reliable partner, with the knowledge and skills to come up with the right solution for its clients, both in terms of the move from a solvent-based system to a water-based equivalent.

ICA Group’s water-based organic paints for flat glass surfaces offer outstanding performance levels as well as benefits in terms of ease of application and aesthetic superiority. An unlimited range of colors and innovative design effects for an incomparable suite of products which allows for ample customization opportunities.

The glass range is made up from monocomponent and bicomponent water-based paints (transparent and pigmented) which, with their low levels of volatile organic compounds, are fully compliant with regulatory restrictions on solvent emissions into the atmosphere.
Performance and aesthetic advantages

ICA's water-based paints for glass pass all of the most important adhesion and chemical/physical resistance tests, including:

• High humidity (UNI EN 16477-1)
• High temperature (UNI EN 16477-1)
• Radiation (UNI EN 16474)
• Impact resistance (Pendulum test: UNI EN 12600:2004)
• Adhesion (UNI EN ISO 2409)
• Wet adhesion (Internal method: Erichsen pen test)
• Resistance to changes in temperature (UNI EN ISO 9429)
• Resistance to scratching (Internal method: Erichsen pen test)
• Resistance to scratching (UNI EN ISO 1518)
• Resistance to light (UNI EN ISO 15187)


ICA Group's water-based coatings can be applied byspraying, either manually or with an automatic sprayer, curtain-coating or rolling.
The drying process can be carried out at room temperature or in rapid-drying ovens. Once dried, processing operations – such as cutting, grinding, sealing or gluing – can be carried out directly on the coated glass. 

Products with low levels of environmental impact

ICA Group's water-based coatings for glass are odorless and, thanks to their low-level content of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), they make it possible to respect the regulations on the limitation of solvent emissions into the atmosphere.
Moreover, these are non-flammable products, making them easy to store, and they are also dilutable in water, so they are easy to prepare and use.

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